Cookie Policy

We use cookies (little bits of information stored on your computer) on this site to help improve our service and give a better experience to you.  By using our website, you are allowing us to store these cookies, but in return we thought it was only fair we told you all about it.  We have provided details below on the cookies we use, why we use them and how to get rid of them if you’re not a fan.

Google Analytics Cookies

These cookies are used by our Google Analytics tool to help us see how people are using our website. It helps us find out how many people view each page and how they found our site (amongst other things). We can’t see who you are, how much you earn or what colour socks you’re wearing.  We just get average information such as “150 people from London viewed the website today”.

We use a tool to help us see where people click on our website. This helps us refine our design to give you a better experience.  As with Google Analytics, we don’t know that your name is Fred and you are 27 years old – we just get an averaged view of how people interact with our site so we can better understand the types of people visiting us, such as “Technophiles” or “Shutterbugs”.

Google Remarketing, AdSense and DoubleClick Cookies

These cookies are used by Google to show you targeted adverts after you’ve left our site.  Like you, we’re not fans of them either – though if we’re getting our marketing right then we’re only creating ads you don’t mind seeing.

If you don’t want to see these adverts, we recommend installing a good AdBlocker, and you can opt out of Google’s use of cookies by clicking here  or stop DoubleClick ookies here.

This Cookie Policy was updated on 1st February 2018