Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – What will happen if you have a number of devices deployed in a store, and products start popping up and out at the same time… would that be annoying?

Answer – We wouldn’t recommend a lot of devices being deployed near one other. We will use a limited number of devices, for example one maximum per category in a hypermarket type environment and only one device in smaller stores.

Q2 – What will happen if somebody steals your idea and rents or evens sells their devices much cheaper?

Answer – Aculom, together with Tokinomo, have an international Patent to protect the IP, thereby legally deterring potential investors into inferior replica devices.

Even if someone manages to get past the Patent, no serious company will associate themselves with a product that has been copied, which could ultimately risk legal action. In each Contract we have, Tokinomo have evidenced themselves to be the original developer and, as such, no legal actions from third parties can arise.

We have real shelf experience and it would be extremely difficult to produce a similar device without the experience and the necessary R&D.

Q3 – Will the product be enhanced to cater for additional interests?

Answer – Tokinomo continues to innovate and develop new and additional features to stay ahead of the evolving markets and client interests and this may include elements such as AI – conversational, face-recognition, more advanced analytics and scent dispensers.

We have the ‘first to market’ product and with this advantage, our goal and focus is to capture as much of the market as possible.

Q4 – Your device is new and different, however, in a few years time, people will get used to it and its effects will surely wear off?

Answer – Brands and retailers have been using the same Point of Sale (POS) materials, sampling and coupons in all living memory and this form of marketing actually supports, compliments and enhances their in-store promotions as they continue to use them today.

As said in answer to Q3, Tokinomo continues to innovate and bring new and exciting features to the devices.

This technology has been designed with longevity in mind and will continue to be developed in order to increase sales across multiple and different retail businesses, thereby generating significant revenues for any investor for future years to come.

Q5 – I am not sure retailers will want something that will create more noise in their environment and one that is potentially intrusive to their customers.

Answer – Tokinomo have already successfully deployed devices with most of the major European Retail Chains. The devices are supported by sound control that caters for the differing environments – the quieter the environment, the quieter the device.

Further, a key feature is full control of each device, where we are able to control the gap between each promotional push (activation), which reduces the frequency thereby dilutes the intrusion to the customer (they can be remotely set to have an agreed x-seconds before the device can be triggered again).

All feedback from within the sampled retailed chains (including remarkably increased sales) is that the shoppers actually loved the interaction with the device.

If you have any more questions, please contact us directly… Thank you.