The Tokinomo Device

The simplest way of describing the Tokinomo device is that it is essentially a uniquely designed robotic arm incorporated into a specific housing.

A product is then attached to the end of the arm (grip) that can be easily programmed for bespoke movements together with sound and illumination. The Tokinomo device, when activated via motion sensors, literally makes the product ‘pop out’ from the shelf in the most eye-catching way and making them even more visible.

The latest version is smaller, stronger, smarter and a more ergonomic design than the earlier models, comes with full connectivity and remote functionality. Offering the ability to build new campaigns ‘on the fly’ – which supports a real-time adjustment of a campaign as and when required.

Each Tokinomo device can be remotely programmed:

  • With multiple messaging for the product on display
  • To operate during trading / opening hours
  • With management of time delay between each activation
  • Specific choreographed motion, sound and light

The on-line reporting dashboard provides advanced analytical reporting measuring all activations, by campaign, date and time etc.



Automatically synchronised with motion


Various speed and pattern movements for customising the product’s motion 


An LED light further highlights the product


GSM or WiFi dual network connection

Web-based Cloud admin

Supported by iPhone & Android Mobile App


Motion Sensor activates the device when a shopper passes by

Full Analytics measures the device activations, providing automated data by hour and day etc.